Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great Elders Make Awesome Descendants....

Tycho - Sunrise Projector(Click Music)
You'll probably never see too much modern music here, but when I do write about some you'll definitely see what I'm on about. Like Boards of Canada, this music has a great ambient downtempo vibe that is wonderfully accented with some superb sounding vintage synthesizers. This album actually has cooler sounding synth hooks than some of my favorite classic electric albums. While the whole album has the vibe, like many albums, it's the first 3 or four tracks that really get you going. The opening track should be a complete vindicator if there's any doubts as to why I'd share this wonderful piece of art. One of coolest tracks actually has PBS in it's name as in a possible ode to the same public television short soundtracks that may very well have gotten us all hooked to these freaky sounds. Like so many great albums I've run across, there's always that one track that is just painfully short and that track is "Phoenix Cylinder". An incredibly fast and smooth track that speaks right to the soul. This track is only rivaled by BoC's "Kaini Industries". I'd kill for an album that sounds like these two tracks throughout, but alas as they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can snatch up this wonderful album though, it's worth every penny and I'm a very proud owner.