Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Past Is Present!

Perspex: Satan's Come Bang the Drums Listen to it here!
I know I gave off the impression newer stuff would be fairly rare, but this album just takes the cake! Where the previous album was a great classic inspired album, this is a truly classic effort done in modern times. I actually came across the artists marketing themself as having "Mort Garson sounds of the 60's". While this album is no Ataraxia or Black Mass, it is incredible in it's own right. Every track is dedicated to either a bizarre phenomena or some ancient locale or practice. The songs fits the themes very well, my personal favorite is Von Daniken's Chariot. Every time I hear this one all I can think of are massive wooden ship pulling up on shore bouncing against the shallow waters spraying massive blasts of mist, seriously the experience from this album is just that rich. Another great one is Temple of OBO, the track really gives off such a breathtaking feel for the ancient world. It's as if you're right there in some ancient palace looking up out of a window at some massive spacecraft flying by. This album uses more of a acidic style of classic synth in many of it's tracks. It's like a combination of many of Mort's albums with the more out there stuff like Head to Head. You can listen to nearly the whole album on the site, but I really recommend getting this as you definitely won't regret it.