Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mort Garson - Didn't you Hear [1969]

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This is an astonishing work by Mort that totally slipped under my radar. It's practically my born duty to know all the full synth albums by Mort Garson. I always knew of his other works like zodiac cosmic sounds and sensuous woman by z, but those were always more grounded in traditional live music, which just never floated my boat as much as his fully synthesized masterpieces. I swore up and down I had all such full synth albums, but boy was I wrong! Did a search one day on Soulseek and came across "Didn't You Hear" by Mort Garson. I could not wait to get my hands on this download and after hours of trying I finally got my hands on it. Right up there with the other albums. You constantly get hit with long spacial synths setting off the most phenomenal ambience. Listening to this album is like taking a stroll through a steel jungle full of fiber-optic vines, the sounds of the most wild and lush lands captured marvelously on a synth. Aside from the really deep tracks, there's also some very beautiful and upbeat works on the album. Tracks full of life and loving companionship expressed as accurately as you can on an electronic instrument. Solid album from beginning to end and the opening vocal track is really something else. It has an almost 30's pop ballad sort of vibe and at the same time, he has a then current, masculine Kate Bush appeal to his voice and style of singing. This album is a soundtrack for a movie of the same name starring a young Gary Busey that has an emphasis on dreams, pleasure, and despair. I'm not certain if Mort made this album for the movie, or if it was something he just had lying around that he lent to the producers, but this work was made long before the movie is said to have been released in 1983. The movie was made in 1970 or 71, perhaps it wasn't until 1983 that it was released in it's current form and that's why it has that much later date listed.