Monday, April 16, 2007

Leonard Nimoy - Presents Mr.Spock's Music From Outer Space (1967).

What a great 'electronica' album! That word has always been so dirty in some places, but I think this album defines it. Electronica is an overall generic term for any type of electronic music, hardcore, light pop glittered with some synths etc., but to me I've grown to feel electronica is it's own unique genre of stuff that is just the right mixture of mainstream pop, electronic inspiration, and a type of alternative vocal direction that you generally find nowhere else. Cool songs that always direct the energy towards the actual music itself and not the artist, the artist vocally, is just a prop that keeps things going, in incredible ways of course mind you. Don't get me wrong. I came across Nimoy's album in an electronica group section. It was funny how the writer grouped the albums in a way I always thought I was insane for doing myself. Of the albums I knew, I pretty much agreed with every one of the eletronica sectioned listings. Looking at this album, how fun and quite playfully danceable alot of it is, I'd say Nimoy without really trying, is probably one of the premier pioneers of the electronica genre. Awesome spoken word tracks, wonderful remixes of classic tunes and songs including the Star Trek theme. Quite a bit of this album seems to be inspired by the theme and general state of late 60's pop, lots of high-pitched "waaahhhhh" type of feminine vocals and much life knowledge to live by from Nimoy. Very cool, out there album, I plan to check out more of his works after this one. This one is nowhere near as cheesy as the infamous Bilbo Baggins track......which I also shamefully dance to from time to time.