Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to Synthasia!

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Welcome to Synthasia, a place dedicated to classic moog and all other kinds of synth albums. The first post ever is obviously dedicated to what I consider to be the greatest moog record ever by Mort Garson, Plantasia released in 1976 under Mort's belief that this album was specially made to help "warm earth plants" grow thanks to it's very soothing tunes. It also came with a special booklet, I would be most grateful if someone could scan it and send me the pics so I could add them to the post. Another interesting thing you'll notice on the cover is Mort is going by "Mother Earth". Since many of his sadly too few moog albums were considered concept albums, he always went by different monikers on several albums. Not sure if that was his quirky thing to do since the 60's and 70's were a pretty wild and creative time, or if he really was just embarrassed. Regardless, this album is incredible and I doubt there's anything to not be confident about in the least. If you love the sounds of vintage 70's synth this and his other works are cream of the crop. When everyone else was doing the same electronic covers of "hair" over and over, he was putting out serious compositional pieces of electronic music. I've much more ground to cover digging through all these old albums, but so far this is the guy! As always since it's always love for this stuff, please by all means feel free to show me who you think the "guy" is.


Anonymous said...

Could you reupload this album? I'm dying to hear it.

Anonymous said...

AAAAGH! Your link has died!

Diego said...

Muy bueno este blog. gracias por subir el tan bello material de la musica moog. Es una lastima que hayas abandonado el blog, ojala algún día vuelvas a publicar. Me interesa la gente que gusta de esta linda música. Abrazo desde argentina y ojala reabras el blog o publiques otros similar.