Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beaver and Krause - Electronic Funk(1969)

Get it here!
I've been scouring the web looking for this one for a long while. I saw this album way back on a moog albums listing when I was so new to the genre I didn't even recognize the signifigance of the artists who made this. Even when I did, this was still so hard to find and I was sidetracked by tons of other albums to locate and check out. Really prominent contributers to the early electronic music scene, and some of the pioneers of krautrock. I've sifted through quite of a few of the duo's albums and some of the many side projects mainly from Paul Beaver. What really had me flying back to this album was my hearing in a really lively moog discussion that this album was very similar in style to the Garson Ataraxia and Plantasia albums. I've heard this before, and all I've gotten was typical 60/70's rock with some light electronic instruments. Still worth the search to find more of what I consider outright godliness. Search all the different blogs and random sites and had no luck, while Soulseek works great, I had all but given up on trying more specific stuff like this. After managing to find this on Soulseek after all, almost hidden, I think I need to give the devs some feedback about their search method. I could search "Beaver and Krause" and different variations 100 times and almost nothing would come up, then I search "ragnarok" and their album pops up. Nothing seemed odd about the listing, everything was labeled just right, artist, album name folder, etc. but Beaver and Krause just would not come up.

Anyway, I finally got the dang album! As soon as I heard it, my first impression was somewhat surprised, but not really blown away. This album is some of everything as far as classic electronic goes. You have the weird random noise tracks, full blown vocal tracks with back up synths, cool spoken word tracks reminiscent of the Wozard of Iz in the track "Dr. Fox". Finally though, we have the tracks that really must have inspired the post I originally read. There's some tracks on here that are just excellent and really are very much in the spirit of the Garson albums. Not surprising, since I've read Paul Beaver did work on Mort's many albums. I get the feeling this may be a random compilation album, which makes me wonder the really beautiful tracks like "as I hear it" and "fountains of the dept of water & power" are from their own great albums. If I find out such, I certainly will post it. These guys have made dozens of albums together and apart I've heard, stay tuned!


dmythsynth said...

...seems to me i`m the first to post comments on this blog... )
First of all, HUGE thanks for these shares! It`s awesome! Finally, i`ve found what`s been searched for many years.
I congratulate to you on the good beginning and wish to develop and grow only.
Keep it up!

fryluck said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I definitely hope this blog will grow into something great over time. Been a little slow with updates, great feedback like yours lets me know I'm not just mirroring my collection online and people really are out there reading...somewhere. I'm gonna probably post another fav album of mine today.

Anonymous said...

Beaver & Krause did NOT record "dozens of albums." Paul Beaver died in 1975 after contributing to five Beaver & Krause albums and one solo work. I've owned this album since 1969 and it is not a compilation. It's very much a product of the experimental age, the work of musicians with fertile imaginations.

Here's a site for you to check out. Lot's of information for people looking into musical history.



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