Saturday, March 17, 2007

Song of the Second Moon

Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan [Get it Here]

Finally the full album for two of the greatest synth pieces of all time. Song of the Second Moon and Sonik Re-Entry. Probably the Batman and Robin of this scene, the duo put together a great song, and a wonderful album. Not many know much of Tom Dissevelt past the same "Song of the Second Moon" that's everywhere unless you're familiar with his jazz and experimental pianist works. Even more, it wasn't until I did some digging that I thought "Kid Baltan" was Tom's non-existant alter ago like some kind of electronic 'synth shady' or something. No though, Kid Baltan a.k.a. Dick Raaijmakers was very real. In this scene calling someone a pioneer can get a little redundant, but these two seriously were. They were some of the 50's originators playing around with the even by the 50's classic sound collage techniques that guys had been playing with since the 1920's. As you can clearly see from Song of the Second Moon, their efforts were a bit more listenable and even danceable I'd say. This album is an incredible mix of smooth synth composition, abstract pieces that are very loud, freaky, and random, and some tracks towards the end that show the creators jazz and pianist roots. There's one track towards the end where you can really see Tom's later experimental piano stylings making a surprising appearance. Excellent, history making album, it's an absolute crime for the title song to be the only thing known of this album when equally great songs are already on it. Don't leave without this one!

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